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Special Shapes Refractory Company (SSRC)

Special Shapes is a family owned business located in Bessemer, Alabama.  Founder Wally Evans started the company in 1987.  Wally is Chairman of the Board and his son Luke Evans now serves as President.  Chesapeake Consulting began working with SSRCO in September of 2012 and has had an ongoing relationship ever since.  Projects and services include:

  • An HR project where CCI defined and wrote job descriptions for all of the SSRCO positions.
  • Facilitated several shop floor improvement/clean-up projects in order to increase shop floor efficiency.
  • Implementation of business planning system, EXEPRON that has served to improve due-date performance, reduced lead time and lower operating cost.
  • Facilitated several strategic planning sessions using the Blue Ocean method.
  • Did follow-up consulting work to help the company implement items in the strategic plan.
  • Help develop and overall sales action plan and provides ongoing support to insure the plan is successful.
  • Helped SSRCO develop and implement an overall strategy to focus on the profitability of their customer base.


Elliott Group

Elliott Company was founded in 1910 in Pennsylvania.   They have produced equipment for cleaning boiler tubes, turbo chargers and electric motors.  They currently engineer, manufacture, and service turbo machinery for various process industries.  Chesapeake Consulting began working with Elliott Turbine in 2011.  Services included many in-house education sessions on Synchronous Flow and Critical Chain and a major implementation of using the critical chain project management methodology to schedule and control their engineered to order company.  Results of this effort have been:

  • Going from a lead time of 90 weeks to 36 weeks enabling Elliott to capture orders based on better delivery performance.
  • Have a major inventory reduction freeing up working capital.   
  • Reduced manufacturing cost.
  • An annual growth rate of 20% for three years in a row.

“Our Elliott Production System based on the Theory of Constraints and Synchronous Flow has helped us reduce lead times, increase Throughput, and improve delivery times.  It has changed our reputation in the market.”  Mike Storms, Director of Operations


Chief Industries

Chief Industries is a large, diversified family owned business head-quartered in Grand Island, Nebraska.   Prior to 2014 Chesapeake provided several in-house Synchronous Flow workshops and Chief would send people to many of the open courses offered.  In 2014 Chesapeake did a major project with the Agricultural Division located in Kearney, Nebraska.   The definition of the project was to provide them the ability to double their sales within 7-10 years.  This project included:

  • An entire reorganization. Chesapeake used leadership/behavioral assessments, wrote job descriptions and embraced theories in Requisite Organization (RO) to build and populate a new organizational chart that started at the president level and went several levels deep.  Reshuffling of existing employees and outside hires were used to populate the new organization. 
  • Helped developed a mission for the division which focused on having a market orientation of Customer Intimate. This ended up being so successful that the Chairman of Chief embraced this market orientation and subsequent tag line for the entire corporation, not just the Agricultural Division.
  • Introduced TOC measurements into the Ag Division for decision purposes and determination of bonuses. Again, this was so successful that other divisions have been encouraged to adopt the same measures. 
  • Implementing a synchronous flow manufacturing system that radically reduced lead time, inventory and operating expenses.
  • The combination of reduced lead times and a focus on customer intimacy has resulted in new dealers and securing new business.

“The marketplace has begun to identify Chief as uniquely different than their competitors and truly customer focused, resulting in new business.”  Roger Townsend, President Agricultural Division