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Chesapeake Consulting offers a wide range of products to help align your people and processes including a selection of eye-opening books.  Chesapeake’s philosophy is to transfer our knowledge to our clients. Our book lists is selected with this goal in mind. You can select each book for a brief description, picture, and pricing information.

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What I Learned about Leadership from My Dog

It has been my experience that we can learn a lot about life and important things by observing nature and things that might not be so obvious with regard to our leadership skills –such as dogs. God has created for us an earth full of education and learning experiences – all we need to do is stop, listen and observe. When we get too close to issues involving our own leadership style or even how others lead we sometimes lose something; pride, ego, and territorial behavior may inhibit our senses. It is so easy to detach ourselves from the learning and to not do a proper self-examination. When dealing with your dog, it is difficult to run away from your leadership style. A famous saying among many a professional dog trainer is “Each handler gets the dog they deserve.”

Is it the same way with our employees and our culture? Does each leader deserve the culture they have? If your dog’s behavior is bad and you have owned the dog for awhile then my guess is you may have some personal leadership issues that you need to address. I certainly found some things in my personal leadership style that need addressing.